Lincoln Sports

Lincoln Sports Facility
Lincoln Sports Facility

Manzitto specializes in construction management, design-build, general contracting services, property development, and real estate. They have over 40 years of construction and real estate experience in the Lincoln, Nebraska area.


  • Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Needs: HVAC upgrades, roof, efficient windows, insulation, efficient LED lighting
  • Annual Savings: $76 Thousand
  • C-PACE Loan: $1.7 Million
  • Cumulative Savings: $1.5 Million


“Because this project also uses New Market Tax Credits to help fund construction, we needed a capital provider with demonstrated experience integrating C-PACE into complex capital stacks. The Petros PACE Finance team worked with our senior lender, NMTC investors and TIF fund provider to deliver the best financing solution, ensuring the Lincoln Sports Facility can provide a comfortable community center for young athletes and their families to enjoy for years to come.””

Sam Manzitto, Jr., President of Manzitto