Heller Machine Tools
Heller Machine Tools

HELLER Machine Tools is a global manufacturer founded in Germany in 1894. The owner of one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Troy, MI, HELLER is a leading supplier to a variety of industries including automotive manufacturers and suppliers and aerospace companies.


  • Location: Troy, Michigan
  • Needs: Efficient lighting with controls, compressed air upgrades, server room cooling, HVAC upgrades with controls, partial roof replacement
  • Annual Savings: $126 Thousand
  • C-PACE Loan: $979 Thousand
  • Cumulative Savings: $1.9 Million


“As a global company, we recognize the positive environmental impact we can have by retrofitting our facilities with energy-efficient upgrades. When ABM Building Solutions brought this new PACE tool to our attention and introduced us to Petros PACE Finance, we were happy to learn that our substantial retrofit project could take place without a large outlay of operating capital. It was an easy decision.”

Keith Vandenkieboom, CEO of HELLER Machine Tools