Capitol District

Capitol District
Capitol District

Shamrock Development, Inc. is an Omaha-based development company. They build quality, visionary commercial developments with a focus on enhancing the urban core of Omaha while incorporating long-term efficient designs.

  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Needs: Comprehensive building envelope upgrade, HVAC upgrades, efficient lighting with controls, elevators, water fixtures and heaters, and building automated controls
  • C-PACE Loan: $24.9 Million
  • Cumulative Savings: $28.2 Million


“It was great working with the Petros PACE Finance team. Their experience in handling large C-PACE transactions is unparalleled. The PACE financing solution will provide long-term stability for our capital stack, and it pays us back for a significant investment in energy efficiency throughout the Capitol District.”

Mike Moylan, President of Shamrock Development