PACE vs. Alternatives

PACE financing is a game changer versus traditional financing options. PACE provides up to 20% LTV in addition to a mortgage (typically up to 80% LTV), effectively replacing equity investments with a loan from Petros PACE Finance.

PACE FinancingBank or Private LoanInternal Funding
Downpayment0%Up to 20% of asset valueN/A
Finance RateMarket RatesCompetitiveNone
Term of Loan10-30 Years1-7 YearsN/A
Debt CapacityRemains the SameReducedReduced
Upon SaleLien Tied to PropertyBalloonPaid Off
Approval Time15-30 DaysUp to One YearN/A
Financing Fees0-3%1-2%N/A
Recourse to OwnerNoneUsuallyN/A
Loan AccelerationNoneYesN/A
Min Investment$500000VariesN/A
Max InvestmentUp to 20% of TPVVariesN/A